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Reasons to Use a VPN for Private Web Browsing (In Greek)
Βρισκόμαστε στην καρδιά της ψηφιακής εποχής και ο κυβερνοχώρος παίζει εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο στην καθημερινή μας πραγματικότητα. Είμαστε [...]
IBM Makes Quantum Computing Available to Anyone
By Anthony Cuthbertson On 5/4/16 at 5:01 AM   IBM Research has made quantum computing available to the public for the first time, allowing researchers [...]
Engineers demo first processor that uses light for ultrafast communications
Berkeley — Engineers have successfully married electrons and photons within a single-chip microprocessor, a landmark development that opens the door [...]
Plastic straw removed from turtle’s nose by marine biologists in heartbreaking video
Plastic straw removed from turtle’s nose by marine biologists in heartbreaking video Video is released showing the moment a plastic straw is removed [...]
Facebook Can Recognize You Even if You Don’t Show Your Face
Well, this is incredible and scary both at the same time. Forget about “facial” recognition; Facebook’s newest technology is way good at [...]
Humans will be cyborgs within 200 years, expert predicts
“It will be the greatest evolution in biology since the appearance of life.” by Fiona McDonald, 29 May 2015 ~ Within the next [...]
Amazon Wins Approval to Test Delivery Drones in US!
Original Source : by Denise Chow, Sci-Tech Editor   |   April 10, 2015 03:38pm ET Amazon has won approval from the Federal [...]
Playing with Fire: AI Makers Must Be Careful
Original source : by Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer   |   April 13, 2015 02:42pm ET From smartphone apps like Siri to features like [...]
The automated airplane
Originally published in : Deutsche Welle – The A320, the Germanwings model that crashed over the French Alps, is a highly automated [...]
Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Much Easier With A World Government.
John Vibes – February 24, 2014 (ANTIMEDIA) In a recent interview with the German publication “Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Bill Gates made some disturbing [...]
Autistic boy hanged himself after receiving bogus ‘police’ email
A coroner records an open verdict in the death of 17-year-old Joseph Edwards, who was found hanged at his home by his mother By Agency , 3:46PM GMT 22 Jan [...]
A timeline of the Charlie Hebdo terror attack (By Josh Levs and Ed Payne, CNN)
(CNN)The terror attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo newspaper were as brutal as they were efficient. Within minutes, 12 people were dead, 11 more were [...]
FBI couldn’t bypass iPhone 6 encryption, but this 7-yr-old did.
Meet the Clever 7-year-old who Dodged iPhone 6 Plus Biometric Technology. Harrison Green, a witty 7-year-old boy, unlocked his father’s iPhone 6 Plus [...]
Geoengineering: the ethical problems with cleaning the air
by Nicola Davis (The observer, Thursday 6 November 2014 07.00 GMT) [...]
A Brief History of Scientists Hunting for Time Travelers
by Adam Clark EstesThursday 2:03pm For the full article please visit the following Link: Original source: [...]
Apple Invites Reporters Into Testing Lab, Details iPhone 6 Plus Durability Tests
Thursday September 25, 2014 3:42 pm PDT by Juli Clover Original Source : Earlier [...]
Audi Drives Innovation on the Shop Floor
By Russ Juskalian on September 16, 2014 At first, I’m apprehensive [...]
UAE student hackers put to the test
by Lindsay Carroll, September 18, 2014 Original Source : DUBAI // The task [...]
Verschlüsselung & Internetsicherheit für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
Cryptoparty?! Der Chaos Computer Club Hamburg und der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung Hamburg laden ein zur Cryptoparty am 20.09.2014 um 13:00 Uhr. [...]
CASIS Research Set for Launch Aboard SpaceX Mission to Space Station
Original source : The fall marks a new school year, a new football [...]
Biometrics: New IDs that are uniquely you
Forget fingerprints: In the near future eyebrows or heartbeats may become your new IDs by Sharon Oosthoek , 8:57am, August 7, 2014 Original Source : [...]
TAVR’s Value For High-Risk Surgical Patients Confirmed
Original source : Three years ago, the PARTNER A clinical trial showed transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) [...]
Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, Dotcom: Can this gang of four take down a PM?
By Tim Hume, CNN Original Source : (CNN) — NSA leaker Edward Snowden [...]
NSA, British spy agency have secret access to Deutsche Telekom
NSA, British spy agency have secret access to Deutsche Telekom Published: 14 Sep 2014 at 03.45 , Online news: World, Writer: AFP BERLIN – The US [...]
FBI :: Large-Scale Law Enforcement Effort Targets Downtown Los Angeles Businesses Linked to Money Laundering for Drug Cartels
LOS ANGELES—Approximately 1,000 law enforcement officials this morning fanned out across the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles to execute dozens of [...]
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick selling Manhattan townhouse
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are selling their trendy Greenwich Village town house, along with her sleek white ping pong table. Listing [...]
Biggest hunting dinosaur was an aquatic shark-gobbler
It ate whole sharks, and came equipped with feet like paddles and sealable nostrils that allowed it to swim under water. Spinosaurus, the largest known [...]
The sound of an atom has been captured
(Nanowerk News) Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are first to show the use of sound to communicate with an artificial atom. They can [...]
Wearable Security: Present and Future
By Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade on September 10, 2014. 11:00 am Now that the Internet of Things is all the rage, I wanted to take a look at a trend in IoT [...]
Video shows incredible moment ex-violinist regains her ability to play while surgeons operate on her brain
A former violinist, whose career was cut short by a debilitating movement disorder, regained her ability to play while surgeons in Israel operated on her [...]
However I vote, the Scotland that I call home will never be the same again
The other day I watched 18 year-olds arrive for fresher’s week, and realised with a shock that it’s ten years since I arrived in Scotland as a first year [...]
Some good news: The ozone layer is healing
Finally, some good news for a change: The ozone layer is showing signs of healing. For the first time in 35 years the region of the Earth’s stratosphere [...]
Yosemite fire grows, but Half Dome could reopen to hikers by weekend
A wildfire burning in Yosemite National Park that has kept several popular areas of the federal property closed for the week has grown to nearly 4,900 [...]
5 Million Gmail Addresses and Passwords Exposed, ‘No Evidence of Compromise,’ Says Google
An archive containing nearly 5 million Gmail addresses and plain text passwords was posted Tuesday on an online forum, but the data is old and likely [...]
Treating cancer with electric fields
Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the best-known methods for treating cancer. At TEDMED, Bill Doyle presents a new approach, called Tumor Treating [...]
Hold the Pickles, Hold the Lettuce— One Greek is Trying to Make Hamburger Flippers Obsolete
In antiquity, the Greek island of Lemnos where Hephaestus, the god of technology, had his forge. He is responsible for all of the great engineering feats [...]
Feynman Lectures On Physics Now Available Online Free Of Charge.
From his work on the Manhattan Project to the key role he played in explaining the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Richard Feynman (1918-1988) is known [...]
Google To Make Its Own Quantum Processors
The company already has access to a quantum computing device for artificial intelligence experiments, but now it’s seeking to develop its own [...]
Data Mining Reveals How Social Coding Succeeds (And Fails)
Collaborative software development can be hugely successful or fail spectacularly. An analysis of the metadata associated with these projects is teasing [...]
NASA Wants You to Help Sort Astronaut Photos of Earth at Night.
Scientists want your help to sort through gorgeous images of Earth at night snapped by orbiting astronauts. Studying such photographs could show how light [...]
Physicists Want To Know If We’re All Actually Living in a Hologram.
Although it sounds entirely like something dreamed up in a smoke-filled dorm room, whether the entire universe is hologram is a very serious question—a [...]
Artificial Intelligence May Doom The Human Race Within A Century, Oxford Professor Says
An Oxford philosophy professor who has studied existential threats ranging from nuclear war to superbugs says the biggest danger of all may be [...]
Kontroverse Korrelationen
Vor 50 Jahren machte John Bell die Rätsel der Quantenphysik überprüfbar – über die Folgen für unser Weltbild diskutieren Wissenschaftler noch heute. [...]
Life can persist in cold, dark world: Life under Antarctic ice explored
The first breakthrough paper to come out of a massive U.S. expedition to one of Earth’s final frontiers shows that there’s life and an active [...]
Tech in Schools : tools for teachers
Technology has changed a lot about the way we live and work, but one area stands out as an exception: education. Many teachers still have to use the same [...]
Miraculous day as American Ebola patients released.
(CNN) — Both Americans who were treated for the Ebola virus have been discharged from a hospital. “Today is a miraculous day,” Dr. Kent [...]
Cubist Battling Superbugs Offers Remedy for J&J: Real M&A
The timing may be right for a takeover of Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST) The rising threat from drug-resistant germs and increasing calls from global [...]
Iceland Tells Airlines Volcano Under Glacier May Erupt
Iceland warned airlines that there may be an eruption at one of the island’s largest volcanoes located underneath Vatnajokull, Europe’s biggest glacier. [...]
Bill Gates Takes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge As Only He Can
The beauty of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge is that it requires minimal equipment. Anyone can raise awareness with the help of some ice water and a [...]
Dallas researchers out to scientifically prove biblical version of creation.
Most scientists believe Darwin got it right: Single-celled creatures evolved into complex ones, a process of natural selection and genetic adaptation that [...]
Manhattan Condos at Half Price Reshape New York’s Harlem
Jason and Robyn Turetsky watched from their window as, brick by brick, a new condominium development rose across 116th Street in New York’s Harlem. The [...]
The End of SeaWorld
SeaWorld, as we know it today, is over. It’s only a matter of time. The company is finished. Here’s why. 1. The SeaWorld brand is now [...]
Edward Snowden: The Untold Story.
The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be [...]
Einstein in Love: Letters Illuminate Genius’ Dark Side
NEW YORK — Albert Einstein’s genius did not extend to his own love life, which was full of messy affairs, bumpy marriages and bitter endings, as [...]
Public engagement with science, Victorian style
A new book on John Tyndall and 19th century scientific naturalism raises questions that are still relevant to how we communicate science and authority [...]
Morgan Freeman to Don Lemon: Race Has No Impact on Income Inequality.
Actor Morgan Freeman is making the media rounds this week to promote his new series Through the Wormhole on the Science Channel. Tuesday night, he sat down [...]
NSA leaker Edward Snowden calls himself a ‘patriot’ and trained CIA spy who misses home
In a wide-ranging interview with NBC anchor Brian Williams, Snowden revealed he had destroyed most of the data he stolen from the NSA databanks and was not [...]
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Satellite data released after long wait
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CNN) — Data from communications between satellites and missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was released Tuesday, more than [...]
NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It’s Not Looking Good for Us.
Civilization was pretty great while it lasted, wasn’t it? Too bad it’s not going to for much longer. According to a new study sponsored by [...]
New cassette tape could hold 47 million songs
(CNN) — Forget the cloud, and rework your mental image of those mysterious data centers. Sony has reinvented a tool for storing a mind-numbing amount [...]
Slow slosh of warm water across Pacific hints El Niño is brewing.
The El Niño / La Niña climate pattern that alternately warms and cools the eastern tropical Pacific is the 800-pound gorilla of Earth’s climate system. On [...]
Eiskollaps-Prognose: Forscher verwundern mit Korken-Orakel
Potsdamer Wissenschaftler verbreiten eine schrille Warnung: Eine Art Eis-Korken in der Antarktis drohe zu tauen. Gletscher könnten ins Meer fließen – [...]
Baltimore Landslide Video Captures Cars Being Swallowed
A dramatic video posted on YouTube shows several cars being swallowed by a Baltimore landslide on Wednesday. YouTube user ToddTesla posted the 90-second [...]
For White House reporter Lesley Clark, so close and yet so far
Reporter Lesley Clark once got close enough to President Obama at an international summit to notice that he was chewing gum. “I think it was that nicotine [...]
Michio Kaku – Can you build a real Lightsaber ?
Dr. Michio Kaku attempts to build a real Lightsaber from the Star Wars universe using modern technology
Navy Scheduled to Deploy Laser Weapon Next Year.
The Navy is scheduled to deploy a laser weapons system early next year on board the amphibious transport dock Ponce. The laser weapon system uses heat [...]
Mysterious Holes In Indiana Sand Dune Could Be ‘New Geological Phenomenon’
Mysterious holes that were discovered at an Indiana sand dune last year — and which nearly swallowed a child — will keep a Lake Michigan park [...]
Kosmischer Test für die Quantenphysik.
Fast 80 Jahre ist die Quantenmechanik inzwischen alt – und sie hat bislang jeden experimentellen Test mit Bravour bestanden. Trotz dieses Erfolgs ist das [...]
André Rieu & Mirusia – Time to say Goodbye
One year ago André Rieu, Mirusia and the JSO said goodbye to Queen Beatrix in a musical way, and welcomed the new King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of [...]
New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time
Coffee cools, buildings crumble, eggs break and stars fizzle out in a universe that seems destined to degrade into a state of uniform drabness known as [...]
A Hilarious NYC Survival Guide I Wish Every Tourist Would Read
New York City: the concrete jungle that attracts people from all over the country and the world. Everyone comes with the intention of making it big. [...]