FBI couldn’t bypass iPhone 6 encryption, but this 7-yr-old did.

December 12, 2014 - FBI, IT Security, Law Enforcement - Justice
FBI couldn’t bypass iPhone 6 encryption, but this 7-yr-old did.

Meet the Clever 7-year-old who Dodged iPhone 6 Plus Biometric Technology.

Harrison Green, a witty 7-year-old boy, unlocked his father’s iPhone 6 Plus easily adopting a very simplistic method of Touch ID. How he did it? He sneaked into his father’s room while he was asleep and pressed his dad’s finger on the cellphone’s Touch ID Home button. There you have it, the mighty iPhone 6 Plus was unlocked in seconds merely.

Well the method Harrison employed isn’t very surreal but it points out a major drawback in the phone’s biometric technology. Considering the fact that Harrison’s father Mathew Green is a professor at John Hopkins University and teaches computer security and cryptology. If this can happen to him then iPhone seriously need to upgrade its biometric security measures.

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Mathew Green stated while explaining the unreliability of this system to CNN Money:

“This is a really serious problem. In a situation where you’re under arrest, biometrics are not very good.”

It is evidently very simple and easy to compromise this security measure under arrest, or during a dangerous situation.

On the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3, the Touch ID fingerprint identification system already has received criticism regarding the aspect that this technology trumps users’ rights to the Fifth Amendment. In Virginia, a recent court ruling entitled the police with the right to obtain a suspect’s fingerprints for unlocking his phone just as a DNA sample is collected for forensic investigation.

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As far as our main story is concerned, CNN sources reveal that the kid wanted to unlock his father’s iPhone 6 plus just to play some good ol’ games. However, his young mind’s trick has legitimized the doubts of many critics that touch system based IDs can never be a safe bet in comparison to passwords or passcodes. The reason being that where passwords exist in our mind and aren’t physically traceable, fingerprints are right there and compromising security of any device becomes far easier due to their physical accessibility.

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